What to Do When you Burn Out

Doing the same thing for a long time on high speed can make you burn out.

The key to succeeding in something you love is VARIETY.

This applies to so many areas in life: foods and diets, exercise, games, things to occupy and keep your brain healthy, reading, and writing.


Here are some things I have been known to do when I’ve burned out from writing or editing:


Become best friends with a soft surface such as a couch, chair, or giant pillow.

-I recommend some tea, video games, puzzles, books, or Netflix.



-Binge watch entire seasons of Once Upon a Time, Doctor Who, Dexter, Phineas and Ferb, or How I Met Your Mother.


Go through caffeine withdrawals.

-Occasionally, I question my ability to lead a healthy life.

-Subsisting on coffee pots and aluminum cans can sometimes knock you flat.


Write something totally different.

-In one day, I wrote 15 poems, and over the entire week, I wrote over thirty (ignore the fact that most were awful).

-Find some writing prompts and write some flash fiction or something in a different or new genre.

-Go back to something you worked on a long time ago or forgot about.


Go outside.

-The light may burn your skin like an albino vampire with a skin condition, but it’s healthy and maybe even a good idea.

-Walking to your car doesn’t count.  Or it does count.  That depends on if being a hypocrite matters.


Curl up in a ball.

-On the floor, hugging your knees, possibly muttering to yourself  about life, philosophy, and granola.


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