Why Inspiration is an Addiction

Don’t get me wrong, inspiration can be beautiful, motivating, and exciting (basically a creative form of adrenaline).  Yet it is in the nature of Inspiration to be rare.  Inspiration hits every now and then, spurring us into a wild careening chase after productivity and creation.

The reason inspiration sucks is because it’s like striking gold.  I know what you’re thinking.  “Striking gold sounds great!  How could it possibly be bad?”  Well, my curious friend, it’s like this:

Being inspired, like striking gold, is very rare.

Inspiration is addictive.

Inspiration, like an addiction, causes you to crash.

Crashing is like… well, like crashing.  It’s not fun and it can be very discouraging.

And waiting for inspiration is like panning rivers: unproductive, wasteful, and saddening.


There is a negative level not shown above.  But writing words to describe it seemed too ironic and oxymoronic.

There is a negative level not shown above. But writing words to describe it seemed too ironic.


And yet…

the temptation to find gold, the one-in-a-million shot in the dark with your eyes closed chance that you’ll create something amazing…  it’s addictive.  We keep going back into the mud and dirt, digging for that glimmer of hope that we’ll find gold.

It’s like the California Gold Rush.  People run out to find gold, and most search for a little while, find some scattered pyrite, and return home dejected and pretty much empty handed.  What makes the difference is whether you have the determination to go back.  Does finding a bit of gold dust in the dirt renew  your hope or destroy it?  If you can find the strength to keep digging, you will eventually emerge with something you’re proud of.  It might not be the motherload you were hoping for, but it’s something worth having.

So ask yourself this question:

Are you the type of person who dives back into the dirt?

Are you a writer who writes no matter what?

Are you, like so many good writers are, addicted to inspiration?


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