Writing From Pain

So much of what we write comes from a place of pain.  It makes sense, really.  Writing is a form of expression, a way for us to approach things that are difficult to deal with by dealing with them tangentially through poetry, stories, plots and conflicts. In that sense, writing and art is one of the most beautiful aspects of humanity.  Art is when we take what troubles us, what hurts us, what inspires us, what speaks to us, and we turn it into something beautiful.  A lot of great art is beauty from pain. The following quote is something I believe in.  What it means is that when someone thinks that someone else hasn’t ever experienced pain before, it’s often simply because they haven’t really had a heart to heart.  Everyone has experienced pain.  People just don’t always share what they are feeling.  So when you make the assumption that someone hasn’t experienced hardships, that’s because you haven’t yet had the chance to really speak to them.

If this speaks to you, share it!

If this speaks to you, share it!

So when you’re hurting, when something is weighing in your heart or pinching at your skin, write it out!  Find a way to express that emotion, and then take a couple steps back, make sense of it, and then refine it until it polishes.


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